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A Future and a Hope provides private and shared rooms in separate locations for men and women. The housing is a privately run faith-based program with reasonable rent. You may call the number listed or write for more information.

Without it, we rationalize old behaviors not knowing that it will lead us back into isolation, drinking and/or drug use. ACCESS Housing operates two properties that provide 17 long-term housing units in Commerce City. There is no limit on tenant occupancy in these units; however, most of the units have income thresholds. A residential recovery program for men – no cost to enter, same-day admission. Second Chance Sobriety Homes is now providing another beautiful sober living home in Los Gatos, called The Mountain Retreat, for individuals seeking peaceful recovery from drug abuse. Our community is deeply involved in 12 Step Recovery groups throughout Nashville.

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The house accommodates women in two sections, allowing for two kitchens and two laundry spaces. One section is specifically for mothers with children and includes a common play area and fence yard. Space permitting, women without children have a separate quarter, for a quieter and more private environment. House of Light Recovery provides a beautifully furnished clean home. Their sober living home is specifically designed and equipped with the needed facilities/gadgets to give comfort and security to all residents.

  • One section is specifically for mothers with children and includes a common play area and fence yard.
  • They are fully furnished and have on-site staff to encourage and support you on your journey.
  • The goal is to transition to an independent lifestyle – free of substance abuse and addiction.
  • Applicants attend an orientation and go through an interview process to determine if acceptance of a family into the program is a good fit.
  • Second Chance Sobriety Homes offers numerous recovery homes.

What you do decide to do is determine what your needs are for each phase of your recovery. Second Chance Recovery currently has a beginner and an advance program; each structured to facilitate the individual’s recovery process based on his or her level of progress. Combined, Second Chance Recovery homes offer multiple bedrooms in a beautiful and spacious living environment. The Freedom Institute helps people in Grand Junction, Montrose, Rifle, Gunnison, and surrounding areas. Services include job search assistance, access to computers, clothing & hygiene, bus passes, IDs, career and education mentoring, housing assistance, and a transitional housing program. The Freedom Institute has several locations in the area.


You must have a completed VI-SPDT in order to be considered for their wait list. Serenity is a 28-day intensive inpatient residential program for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. It is provided by South Street Foundation and works with a variety of insurance providers to cover costs. Ready to Work Housing and Employment Center-Boulder helps men and women who are homeless rebuild their lives. People in the program receive paid work, dormitory housing, and case management support.

We provide a safe, clean home and the right tools to live life on life’s terms. Second Chance offers five safe, supervised and substance-free homes. Each home offers dedicated staff and resources designed to help residents achieve sobriety and progress toward self-sufficiency. Some of us may know someone or have witnessed a family member with an addiction problem. Sadly, this disease is fatal and if left untreated the addiction stops at nothing. Without continuous support and accountability, the disease WILL return.

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Grit Grounds provides a system of care in a welcoming residence for those with substance misuse & mental health needs. A dedicated environment to help you in your recovery and transition. They help you focus on completing your responsibilities in order to put your life back on a positive track. A safe place that promotes conflict resolution skills, assistance in finding employment & supporting supervisory compliance. Carla Vista Sober Living Homes are located in Aurora in residential neighborhoods. They are fully furnished and have on-site staff to encourage and support you on your journey.

second chance sobriety homes

Those interested in the 62nd St. SLE House can consider contacting Second Chance Sobriety Homes. Our community is centered on God, 12 Step Recovery, Spiritual and Personal Growth. Our community learns personal accountability and together we journey into a new way of being in the world. Members of our community have reunited with family and friends, got new jobs, found their own homes and rebuilt their lives.

Since sober living homes are often financially independent, they usually do not accept insurance. Residents’ insurance may, however, help cover addiction treatments – like therapy. In our comprehensive guide, we share the truth about sober living homes, including what it is like living in a sober house and how it factors into the long-term recovery process.

  • Click on the website for admission requirements and to learn more.
  • If you would like to add a listing to our sober house directory, please let us know.
  • They also get the chance to visit parks in the area, including Bushrod Park, Helen McGregor Park, and Temescal Greek Park.
  • My Father’s House is also a WAGEES partner and provides housing for people on parole.

Women and transwomen who’ve been in the justice system as well as self referrals are very welcome. Call to find out more about any of their services and the House of Rahab. Family HomeStead provides emergency housing for homeless families with children.

Sophrosyne Sober Living provides a safe and supportive all-pathways-to-recovery residence program. Their goal is to create an encouraging environment to help individuals living in sobriety. Colorado Springs beacon sober living Rescue Mission’s New Life Program is a 12-month residential addiction recovery program that helps men with drug and alcohol addictions. You can fill out an application during the hours listed.

second chance sobriety homes

Second Chance Recovery operates transitional living homes (recovery houses) in Charleston, South Carolina for men and women recovering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Second Chance Recovery recovery homes are conveniently located in safe residential neighborhoods close to public transportation and numerous employment opportunities. All About Recovery Sober Living provides a safe and sober environment for free. They are based on the 12 steps of recovery, and provide comfortable housing that anyone would love to call home. They strive to help create genuine-lifelong friendships. The key to success is in a structured program with support from people that understand recovery.

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Second Chance Sobriety Homes bring together supportive recovering addicts who get to enjoy a pressure-free living environment where they can get accustomed to drug-free living. It’s easy to confuse sober living houses with rehab centers or halfway houses, but there are some stark differences among them. Rehab centers offer intensive recovery programs that help residents overcome addictions by following strict rules and regulations. Halfway houses usually require that residents complete a formal rehab treatment program and they limit the amount of time residents can stay to 12 months. Tribe Recovery Homes is a nonprofit organization that provides several sober living homes for men and women in the Denver metro area.

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